Features & Benefits:
  • Liquid Tight - Submersible to 300 feet - NEMA 4x & 6 (IP 68 / IP 69K)
  • ULf1 / UL f1 (746C) - UV / Ozone Stable - Solar & Photovoltaic Industry
  • Highest Pressure Rating - Patented form seal meets 150 PSIG (10 bar)
  • Flame Protected - V0 Rated According to UL 94
  • Halogen- and Phosphorous-Free Material
  • Safety - Ratchet to prevent Dome from coming loose under vibration
  • Large Selection - Cable Range from .08" (2 mm) to 1.38" (35 mm)
  • Non-Corrosive - Resistant to salt water, weak acids, weak alkalis, alcohol, esters, ketones, ether, gasoline, mineral, animal & vegetable oil
  • Durable - Rugged Construction
  • Environmentally Compliant - RoHS & Deca BDE
ULf1 (746C) UV Stable Material All Black Nylon Strain Relief Fittings, Cable Glands, Cord Grips & Fittings (Dome and Flex) are manufactured with a NEW ULf1 / UL f1 (746C), UV Stable material. This new UV/V0 material is built for the Solar, Photovoltaic, Outdoor Industries.
The Strain Relief Fitting, Cable Gland, Cord Grips with the ULf1 / UL f1 (746C) material are not only more UV Stable, but continues to provide the same Water / Immersion / Submersible / Liquid Tight requirements like before. IP 68 & 69K, NEMA 4x & 6, V0 Flame Rating.

Nylon Dome Fitting
Nylon Flex Nut

Pull-Out Resistance & Cable Protection:
Overlapping clamping splines appy a concentric force, thereby preventing the form seal from being pulled out of the fitting. This ensures pull-out protection without damage to the cable

The patented recess and high performance seal guarantees NEMA 4x & 6 (IP 68 & IP 69K) at 150 PSIG (10 bar)

Rugged Construction
The self locking ACME thread prevents the dome nut from being pulled out under extremem lateral force.

Liquid Tight Seal
Our Strain Relief Fittings, Cable Glands, Cord Grips & Fittings offer a Molded O-Ring Groove for a Truely Liquid Tight Seal. This Molded Groove help the O-Ring from buckling under pressure. O-Rings are an optional on most parts, but neccessary for a truely submersible application. For submersed applications, use an O-Ring or Seal Ring between body and housing.

Flex Nut
The Dome Nut can be substituted with a Flex Nut. Kinking and chafing of the cable is eliminated with use of the Flex Nut.

Large Range
We carry over 10 sizes and 4 styles (Straight fittings and Snap-Elbows with dome- and flex nuts) accommodate cable diameters from 1/16" to 1-3/4".
Time Saving Installation
Simply push the cable through the installed strain relief fitting and tighten dome- or flex nut. If a snap elbow is used, push the cable through the straightened elbow, snap 90° and then tighten the dome- or flex nut for a liquid tight connection. No disassembly of the fitting is required: Insert Cable - Tighten Nut - Finished!
The Nylon strain relief fittings are resistant to salt water, weak acids, weak alkalis, alcohol, esters, ketones, ether, gasoline, mineral, animal and vegetable oil.

Flexible Strain Relief Product Description

Wherever a metal strain relief fitting is used, this Nylon Strain Relief fitting can be substituted to save you money without sacrificing performance. Typical applications are: Control cabinets, car washes, hot tubs, instrumentation, carpet cleaning machines, food processing equipment, underground for direct burial, underwater to 300 ft. (150 PSIG = 10 BAR).