Flange Nickel Plated Brass Standard 90 Degree Snap Elbow Cable Gland | Cord Grip | Strain Relief ED20FA-BR


Nickel Plated Brass Snap Elbow Flange Fitting

Thread Type: NA

Sealcon # ED20FA-BR
Cable Range .39" - .55" (10 - 14 mm)
Color Nickel
Hummel # 1.309.2000.50
Hummel HSK-M-W
Material Nickel Plated Brass

Hole Diameter (A)
.79" (20 mm)
Body Length (L)
2.6" (66 mm)
Body Height (H)
1.34" (34 mm)
Thread Length (D)
Wrench Flat (E)
.98" (25 mm)

Suggested Clearance Hole for Non-Threaded Mounting


  • Flame protected - V0 Rated according to UL 94
  • Halogen- and Phosphorous free materials
  • Large Selection - Cable Range from .08" (2mm) to 1.38" (35mm)
  • Non-Corrosive - Resistant to salt water, weak acids, weak alkalis, alcohol, esters, ketones, ether, gasoline, mineral, animal & vegetable oil.
  • Durable - Rugged Construction
  • Environmentally compliant - RoHS & Deca BDE

This Nickel Plated Brass Strain Relief with M12 x 1.5 Thread will provide your application with a product made of exceptional quality.

Modularity: The Strain Relief allows you to increase and decrease the cable opening by just swapping out the standard and reduced inserts.

Technical Data

Pressure Rating

IP 68


  • Fittings: Nickel Plated Brass
  • Form Seal: Buna-N
  • Optional O-Ring:
  • Optional Seal Ring: Polyethylene or Fiber-Reinforced Plastic

Operating Temperature

-40°C to 100°C (-40°F to 212°F)

Nylon 6/6: V0-rated - Flame resistant, halogen and phosphorous free, self-extinguishing, non-toxic, fungus resistant


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