Nickel Plated Brass Thread Adapter PG 16 to M25 x 1.5 Threads


Nickel Plated Brass PG to MetricThread Adapter

Sealcon # AP-1625-BR
Color Nickel
Hummel # 1.039.1625.01
Hummel RE-Ms
Cable Range

Thread Type
Male (A)
PG 16
Female (B)
M25 x 1.5
Height (H)
.83" (21 mm)
Thread Length (T)
.26" (6.5 mm)
Outer Diameter (D)
1.06" (27 mm)
Wrench Flat (W)
" (N/A mm)


Dealing with foreign products?
Is connecting a challenge?
Adapters will allow you to switch between PG, NPT & Metric threads to fit your application needs.

Technical Data


  • Fittings: Nickel Plated Brass
  • Form Seal:
  • Optional O-Ring: Buna-N, FPM or Silicone
  • Optional Seal Ring: Polyethylene or Fiber-Reinforced Plastic

Operating Temperature will vary based off selected O-Ring and the material of the product it is applied to.


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