M12 Signal Cordsets For Automation and Manufacturing

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With the development of technology improving every day you want to ensure that data is being collected and transmitted quickly and reliably.  Our M12 signal cordsets offer unparalleled connectivity along with the advantage of data and communication flow in a wide array of industrial applications. They are well-suited for applications in which a compact, dependable… Read more »

PVC and PUR Cables For M8 and M12 Cordsets

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Sealcon has two different options for the cable material for both our M8 and M12 cordsets.  The standard material of our wire coating is a PVC coating.  The PVC coating is a more cost effective solution which is ideal for operations requiring less movement and bending of the cable.  In addition to the PVC coating… Read more »

Our New M8/M12 cordsets Are An Ideal Component of IIoT Systems

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Over a century ago, the industrial revolution marked the development of a new age of machinery and equipment, laying the foundation of an era of unprecedented productivity.  In recent years, a similar revolution has emerged in the form of internet-driven communication capabilities.  Today, the merger of industrial processes and internet connectivity has created a new… Read more »

M12 Power Circular Connector, A Major Milestone in an age of Miniaturization!

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The new compact & powerful M12 Power Circular Connector opens the door to entirely new applications and capabilities! The M12 Power Circular Connector boasts a high power transmission, a compact design, large temperature range and convincing electro-mechanical features. This is a major milestone in an age of miniaturization! The benefits of the M12 Power Circular… Read more »